When a member of the family is in prison

The Organisation for Families and Friends of Prisoners (FFP) works for the relatives and friends of prisoners in Norway. We know that imprisonment can be a difficult situation for the entire family. In FFP we know what the conditions are like in prison, and know about the rights of families. We can give advice regarding economy, social issues and community, applications and complaints, and about the situation of children and family. FFP organises many social and cultural events for children and young people, as well as for adults who have a family member in prison. We have consultants who can answer questions and offer advice, and there is the chance to meet with others in the same situation. Interpreters are available for many languages. There is no charge for FFP’s services.

If you are a next-of-kin with limited Norwegian skills and find it difficult to communicate in Norwegian, we can provide guidance meetings with an interpreter.

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For FFP – The Organisation for Families and Friends of Prisoners

www.ffp.no, www.ffp.no/ung



Postal address: P.O.Box 6710 St Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo

Visiting address:  St. Olavs gate 21 A, 1th Floor. Oslo. (Please call for appointment!)

Telephone:22 11 41 30

Mobile: 979 66 199

Email: post@ffp.no



Postal and visiting address: Kjøpmannsgata 23, 7010 Trondheim (Please call for appointment!)

Telephone: 22 11 41 30

Email: trondheim@ffp.no